Keyword Canine Crushes Other Keyword Tools

Keyword Canine LogoKeyWord Canine is the most exciting niche keyword analysis tool that has come on the market in years.

It’s brought to you though the excellent collaboration of two really well-respected internet marketers — Jon Leger and Josh Spaulding.

With these two brilliant minds at work, we’re sure to see something creative and new.

Josh has been building niche websites for years. Jon is a niche tool ninja, with many popular internet marketing tools to his credit. Together, they make an impressive combination.

Keyword Canine:  The Only Keyword Tool You Need.

Recognizing how hard it is getting to find great niches and keywords to support them, Josh and Jon have designed a tool that makes profitable niches easy to identify.

When you enter your keyword into Keyword Canine you’ll quickly receive a “snapshot” analysis report with information about the phrase you entered. This initial information covers number of competing web pages, whether or not an exact match domain name is available, Adwords average bids on the term, the top ranked pages for it, and more.

At the bottom of that page you’ll find 10 highly relevant related keyword phrases that you can click on and get the analysis report for each of those as well, which allows you to dig a little deeper into a niche and see how much competition there is at each level of the game.

But, Keyword Canine is more than just a keyword analysis tool. It also always running through a database of millions of keywords that the team created and finding new niches for you. This could come in handy whether you’re seeking a new niche to dive into or maybe some keywords that are highly sought after by advertisers.

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